ACCESS decision-makers while they're looking for new technology and solutions

The reality for solution providers is stark. Senior decision makers and influencers spend less that 2% of their time engaging with solution providers - less than one hour per week. The cost of securing their time can be huge. 

The Precision Data SIG will gather 100-120 decision makers and influencers all in one place, where the entire context of the meeting is identifying new technology and solutions. This allows for focused and sustained solution-driven conversations that are significantly more likely to lead to closing business.

The special interest groups were fun, dynamic and engaging. The biggest benefit was the ability to create relationships over a period of time. It was like you took the heavy lifting out of scheduling and finding someone I wanted to meet at a conference. The opportunities were laid out for us.
— Qiagen

Benefits of Partnering

This meeting  has partner benefits that extend beyond those of a traditional conference. The format provides partners with opportunities to gather buyer and product intelligence, demonstrate trust and value, and generate highly relevant leads in volume.

  1. GET ACCESS: Open the doors of new, previously impenetrable, prospects by demonstrating value and building trust.
  2. BUILD TRUST: Build and develop trusted relationships with key people in the target market.
  3. GENERATE LEADS: Grow your sales pipeline and gather information not readily available to competitors.
  4. STEER YOUR R&D. Gather actionable intelligence that will influence your R&D by understanding market needs.
  5. REFINE YOUR SALES & MARKETING APPROACH: Gain an in-depth understanding of what buyers and influencers look for when evaluating new technology and making purchasing decisions. 
  6. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Get unique access to end-users who are shaping the future.
  7. LONGEVITY AND EXTENDED BENEFITS: Further exposure to the wider market through the post-meeting report.
A perfect opportunity to engage in a pre-competitive discussion and affirm (and identify) high priority challenges. The SIGs helped us to validate solutions with industry experts in a transparent way.
— Vibhor Gupta, Director, Pangaea Group