Why Attend?

The Precision Data SIG is not a typical industry meeting.

Your time is precious and we've constructed an experience that gets the most out of your time, both onsite and on your return to the workplace.


The entire format is designed to identify challenges, prioritise them, and generate actionable insights and solutions that you can take back to your organisation. This means that you can cut straight to the hub of the matter, and leave armed with ideas and actions that you can implement immediately. This is not a blue-sky event. The emphasis is on addressing immediate priorities.

The power of collective thinking

Unlike a traditional conference, the bulk of the day consists of 'core sessions' - round table discussion groups that are themed around different topic areas. This allows participants to benefit from the shared experiences of senior-level drivers and implementers. Progress is accelerated. 

formal and informal networking

We pack as many networking breaks and formal networking sessions as we can into the day, ensuring that you can build your peer-level network and extend the benefits beyond the meeting. These include speed networking, guided technology tours, the core sessions themselves, a drinks reception and an optional dinner. Plus coffee breaks and lunch!

Post-event report

Discussion points are captured from each table, each group and the overall meeting. These are packaged into a simple, concise post-event report, with one page dedicated to each table discussion, including recommendations. This report is shared with all participants two weeks after the meeting. You are encouraged to share the report with relevant people within your organisation. Anonymity is protected throughout, and nothing is shared that could betray who said what.

Receive previous reports

As an attendee of this meeting, you will also receive reports from previous SIG meetings, including two data-focused meetings, one pharma focused meeting  and all the meetings that took place in the June SIG meeting in Boston. Topics being covered include:

  • Data engagement with healthcare systems
  • Data security, privacy and consent
  • Machine learning and advanced analytics
  • New target discovery and validation
  • Clinical translation of NGS

The reports are each packed full of intelligence, insights, recommendations, ideas and solutions, generated in discussions involving leading pharma companies, healthcare organisations, research institutions and technology companies. 

Packed into a single day

We understand how busy people are in your sector, particularly senior and experienced people attending this meeting. Time is tight, and pressure is on to deliver results. We've ensured everything takes place in a single day, minimising disruption to your schedule.  

Pre- and post-meeting communication

As an attendee of this meeting, you'll have access to the WhatsApp platform that will allow you to communicate with other attendees both before, during and after the meeting. This means you can set up your own follow-up discussions and meetings with people or groups of people with common interests.