SIG meetings are delivering significant value for attendees - way more than from a traditional conference format. But don't take our word for it. Here are some attendee testimonials from other SIG meetings taking place earlier this year.

“Very nice selection of attendees and an open forum for group discussion. Thanks for organising and helping the formation of a community on an emerging field.” Sanofi

“Thank you for putting this together. Made a lot of great connections. Building a community of similarly minded individuals is key, and this is a great first step.” Harvard University

“Very interesting sessions.” NIH

“One of the more engaged break-out groups I’ve been involved in. This speaks well of attendees. Interesting, relevant discussion” Seres Therapeutics

“Great meeting! Really great discussion and lead me to about things in a broad way. Great choice of participants.” Boston Children’s Hospital

“This was a really interesting meeting and shows the benefit of bringing different stakeholders together.” Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“Great chats! Looking forward to notes and follow-ups.” Orionis Biosciences

“I really like the participation in group discussions and the review of each group afterwards.” Western Digital

“I enjoyed the meeting. Being face-to-face, and without distractions, created a sense of focus. Great as a networking event!” Broad Institute

“Excellent meeting! Great collaboration opportunities.” Boston University

“It was a nice meeting to hear what people think about machine learning, their concerns and other issues related to not only myself, but also data and models which are also fundamental questions to address/think about. Thanks for organizing these kinds of meetings!” Axio Research

“Great mix of disciplines. Good sharing on common challenges.” Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“Very useful! Good job!” Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“Great to discuss and see common problems. Hoping to see real collaboration happening as a result.” Roche

“Really enjoyed this. Good discussion on a range of topics” Yumanity Therapeutics

“Very enjoyable meeting. A good mix of expertise. The time was just right.” EnBiotix

“Very good meeting! A lot to learn and challenges ahead.” Tecan

“Fun and thought-provoking. Felt like a grab bag of topics. Great cookies!” Syros Pharmaceuticals

“I think the multi-disciple approach to these meetings is great, and very much needed. There is a need to challenge assumptions and understand terminology the same way as others in healthcare” Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“Good format, good way to organize groups, and a good set of people.” Elsevier

“These discussions have been very successful. Including pharma, lab, clinicians, IT, data platforms etc in all sessions would be most valuable."Harvard Medical School

“Thank you for the invitation. It was good to get the perspective of a diverse group of experts. There are a lot of challenges ahead, requiring an effort from all” Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“Good meeting.” Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“Very interesting format and scope. The groups were very interesting.” Massachusetts Children’s Hospital

“Great meeting to bring together a broad array of people to share ideas.” University of Texas, SouthWestern

“Really enjoyed the discussion.” Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“This was a great meeting to get a perspective from others in the field.” Institute for Precision Medicine

“I enjoyed it very much. A nice diverse group of people. I learned a lot about where NGS is today clinically, but also some of the problems faced.” Mayo Clinic

“Good group of people. Very knowledgeable. Helpful in understanding current problems in delivering clinical genomic medicine.” Boston Lighthouse

“Discussions like this including multiple perspectives are helpful in an evolving field. Look forward to contributing to the report and future meetings. Thanks for organising!” Harvard Medical School