It’s a rarity for all sectors of the space to be present in one room and sharing their ideas. We want to break down the silos that have been created across different sectors in the industry.

By covering the needs of research, pharma and healthcare in our topic spread, we allow for different perspectives to be heard and the interaction between individuals that although would benefit from communications, wouldn’t otherwise have met.

Twelve topics have been carefully selected and split into three core streams: 

Data & IT

  1. Solving Disparate Data Discoverability and Integration and Challenges
  2. Automated Data Matching and Clean Up for Better Insights from Unstructured Data
  3. Addressing Constraints of Access and Usability for Private and Public Datasets
  4. Blockchain-Based Data Sharing and Access Frameworks

Research & Development

  1. Applying Machine Learning to Drug Discovery and Repurposing
  2. Large-Scale Multi-Omics Data Integration and Analysis for Translational Research
  3. Making Best Use of Statistical Modelling Methods of Tumours for Oncology Research
  4. The Role of Machine Learning in Identifying Novel Targets and Pathways


  1. Optimising Clinical Trial Enrolment Strategies
  2. Ensuring the Financial Sustainability of Clinical NGS Testing
  3. Implementation of Real World Data in Precision Medicine
  4. Improving Data Utility with Meta and Phenotypic Data