The make-up of the day is designed to help you get as much value as possible, both on site and on the return to your organisation. There is a focus on:

  • Quickly setting the scene and context for the day's discussion. Time is short. This meeting will cut to the chase. 
  • Maximising networking opportunities to help you grow your peer network.
  • Themed, peer-level and solution-focused discussions, with a focus on you being able to bring your priorities into the discussion.
  • Collecting actionable output from each table discussion that can be shared with your colleagues and teams for maximum value. 
  • Post meeting sharing of captured intelligence beyond those attending the meeting, to take the headline progress and lessons shared to the wider market.

Wednesday September 12th, 2018

8.00am          Registration and coffee

8.50am          Introduction by the chair: Setting the scene

9.00am          Keynote Address 1: Macro case-study from within data/precision medicine

                      Delivered by an innovative thinker/respected pioneer from inside the field.

9.30am          Keynote Address 2: Actionable intelligence and lessons from a related industry

                      Delivered by someone outside of/in an associated field. 

10.00am        Speed Networking

                       Brief introductions other meeting participants in a snappy, friendly format.

10.40am        Break and refreshments

11.00am        Core Session 1: Round table discussions each with a specific focus and output

                       Participants are divided into three streams - Data/IT, Research & Development, Clinical. Each stream has 4 different table                        discussions. Participants rotate around tables during both this session and the corresponding afternoon session (Core                                Session 2).

12.30pm        Lunch and Networking

1.00pm          Guided Tour: Exploration of the most exciting and innovative relevant technologies.

                      Attendees will tour hand-picked technologies, to discuss needs, share experiences and get demonstrations of solutions and                          technologies in action.

2.00pm          Core Session 2: Round table discussions each with a specific focus and output

                       Participants return to their streams, and rotate around other tables.

3.30pm          Feedback Loop: Facilitators from each round table report back a summary of discussions/progress to all attendees

                      All participants congregate back in the main conference room. Facilitators of each group feed back in a panel style format,                        with further time for questions and discussion. Written output from all and groups round tables is shared with all                                      participants after the meeting.

4.00pm          Break and refreshments

4.30pm          Summary Panel: Identification of priorities and major take-home lessons.

                       Facilitators and additional panellists take the stage to discuss and answer questions on the main meeting takeaways.

5.15pm          Post-meeting drinks and networking

                       Bringing all attendees together to meet, mingle and share their experiences of the day in a relaxed and informal                                          environment.

7.00pm          Dinner (for those who have signed up)

                      A final opportunity to network with other attendees in an informal setting.

Detailed Post Meeting Report

A detailed, structured report of the discussion, priorities, solutions, takeaways and action points will be written up after the meeting and distributed with all meeting attendees. Chatham House rules will be strictly applied to this report, protecting anonymity of all meeting participants. You are encouraged to share this report with colleagues and team members, to derive maximum benefit for their organisations.